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Sounds So Wrong

"The album ends as strongly as it starts, with three stellar tracks that again show off the band’s insane creativity. Final track “Now Is The Moment” is a complete headspin, moving first from a funky, vocal-driven section that gets you moving, through a multitude of different styles, with some jazz that sounds heavily influenced by traditional French music, before ending up with a delicate finale of prog-rock. It is the perfect wrap-up to an exceptional album."

- Everything is Noise DE

"Bend The Future had left us about a year ago on Without Notice which explored the crest line between progressive rock and jazz rock with happiness and virtuosity. If like me, you also appreciate groovy prog, the 3rd album by the Grenoble quintet, Sounds So Wrong, should enchant you!"

- Prog Critique FR

"Sounds So Wrong is unlike anything I heard..."

- The Progressive Subway EN

Without Notice

"An excellent, well built prog album with very good instrumental qualities and an album cover you surely won't forget"

- Prog Censor FR

"Fusion, jazz, rock, prog, that can easily drift into musical self-fulfillment, which then only makes the musicians' police sit up and take notice. Not in this case. The music oozes complexity and complexity, but it catches the ear very well. Especially when the vocals come into play, like with Lost in Time, you feel like you've been transported to the 70s prog and bombast rock era. Pop tunes merge with the complex rhythms, the driving bass lines and guitar leads."

- Vinyl-Keks DE

"Whatever the verdict of the suspicious world prog scene, Bend the Future seems quite motivated and in a few years they could aspire to important stages. On the cover a middle finger raised to the music industry or to modern society. They both suck."

- SuffissoCore IT

Otaniemi (Single)

"It's a shame that Otaniemi has not been included in Without Notice lineup, yet Bend the Future has gained some attention thanks to this single"

- Suffisso Core IT


"A very well produced studio album, good cohesion, excellent musicians and a repertoire - which will certainly be enriched with new titles - ideally suited for intimate (or larger!) Stages"

- Prog Censor FR

Reaching For (Single)

"Reaching For is an exceptional piece of work with an easy-going structure. Bend the Future kept everything as simple as possible while using many creative, unusual, authentic, progressive and ethnic elements on the composition, which is admirable. This is what I love doing as well"

- Metalhead Community UA



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