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  • Can Yıldırım

    Guitars, Vocals

    Can Yıldırım
  • Piel Pawlowski


    Piel Pawlowski
  • Pierre-Jean Ménabé


    Pierre-Jean Ménabé
  • Rémi Pouchain


    Rémi Pouchain
  • Sam Chebre


    Sam Chebre


Founded in January 2019, Bend the Future is a progressive rock band based in Grenoble, France. Identified generally by their odd-time-scaled tunes, they incorporate elements of '70s prog rock, jazz, funk along with Eastern European music in their sound.

They recorded their debut album, Pendellosüng in summer 2019 and released it in November 2019 via Soundeffect Records, Subsequently, the band continued with live performances and secured their place in the regional music scene in the Rhones Alpes area.

After releasing standalone singles, Otaniemi and Uncertainty, during the quarantine spring of 2020, the band recorded their second album Without Notice in July 2020, to be released on 16 April 2021 via Tonzonen Records of Germany.

'A quintet from Grenoble apparently wants to change the future.'

- Ecplised Rock Magazine

'Bend the Future is one of those bands who can easily reach the top level, influence millions while shaping the future of their music style.'

- Metal Head Community

'It easily dialogue with the early 70s British Scene, of bands like Gentle Giant, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson.'

- Synths of Eden

'Surprising riffs and rhythms and an approach to music that is far from conventional.'

- La Bobine

'What Bend the Future gives you is something beyond incredible.'

- GlobalMoneyWorld


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